Nate Diaz Might Fight Jake Paul After He Called Him Out On Twitter

Would you tune in for this?

Nate Diaz lost on points to Leon Edwards over the weekend but almost managed to knock out his opponent in the 5th round so it wasn’t like he came away from the fight without any credibility or anything.

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However, he might lose all that credibility with one last payday for the guy after he revealed that it was definitely an option for him to fight Jake Paul in the future. Jake Paul dissed Nate on Twitter immediately following his loss and when asked in the post fight press conference if Paul was a serious opponent for him, Nate revealed that he was well up for it:

Well there you have it. Nate probably has a better chance of beating Paul than Woodley or Askren given how hard he is and how he can really take a punch, but is that still something that we want to pay to see? I definitely don’t myself, but I’m sure millions of people will probably end up paying for it if the last two Paul brother fights are anything to go by. Seems like a no brainer for Nate to make the fight and beat the shit out of him. I’d probably watch the highlights.

For more of the same, check out Jake Paul saying he can knock out Nate Diaz in three rounds. Sure mate.


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