Police Release Footage Of Officers Neutralising Shooter Who Killed Multiple Children And Teachers In Nashville

Intense footage.

Nashville police have released bodycam footage capturing the moment officers responded to the mass shooting at Nashville Covenant Christian School and fatally shot mass killer Audrey Hale.

Watch below:

Excellent work from the looks of it. They just kept running towards the danger and didn’t stop until the shooter was dead. Pretty sure there’ll be a few bravery medals handed out after this one.

It’s notable how quickly this footage was released to the public unlike the last school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where police were pxssyfooting around the whole time while children were being shot to death. Every time this sort of thing happens from now on, the responding officers will know that they can’t mess around because the whole world will be watching the bodycam afterwards. Not that it should take that kind of pressure for them to do their jobs properly, but still.

The shooter has already been identified as transgender 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who was a former student at the school. More information on the shooter HERE.


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