NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Days

Dream job.

NASA is currently looking for volunteers to take part in what they’re calling ‘rest studies’, in which the participants are required to stay in bed and smoke different kinds of weed for 70 days straight. You’ll be compensated to the tune of $18,000. Sounds pretty much perfect right?

You can also do anything you want, as long as you remain in the bed so it’s not even like it would be that boring. Skype, video games, movies and reading books are all specifically mentioned, but it’s pretty much assumed that you can do anything whilst you’re hanging out there.

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NASA Lying In Bed

The reason that NASA are commissioning the study is because they want to find ways of preserving astronauts’ health and safety during periods of extended space travel. I guess that laying in a bed is the most similar activity that they can come up with to simulate that. The weed comes in because they want to determine how it affects the body in this context. I’m sure supreme red eye and the munchies hit you no matter where in the universe you are.

So, is it worth it? To be honest I don’t think it is. Whilst it might be nice to sit in bed and smoke weed, I think doing it for 70 days without ever being allowed up or out to do anything is a bit much and I would probably go absolutely insane whilst I was doing it. Still, it would be pretty sweet to get that $18,000 at the end of it.

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