Nanny Who Beheaded Russian Girl Now Claims It Was Retaliation For Putin Airstrikes In Syria

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Way to change your story.

Yesterday, the nanny who beheaded the 4 year old Russian girl on Monday and wandered around Moscow with her head out shouting she was a terrorist stated that she committed the atrocity because Allah told her to. Today, she’s got a different story.

38-year-old Gulchekhra Bobokulova appeared in a video online that was circulated by several prominent bloggers, where she is alleged to say (it’s in Russian so we have to take other people’s words for it) the following. It’s unclear when the video was taken but she’s wearing the same clothes as she appeared in during her time in the courthouse yesterday so it’s safe to say it was probably then:

I took revenge against those who spilled blood.

Putin spilled blood, planes carried out bombings.

Why are Muslims being killed? They also want to live.

I wanted to go and live in Syria away from this country. But I do not have the money to do so.

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Killer Nanny

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Hmmm. Not sure how beheading a four year old girl and carrying her head around Moscow is taking revenge against Putin, but OK.

Russian spokesmen and investigators have been quick to play down her words though, stating that Bobokulova is a schizophrenic and thus anything that she says should not be taken seriously and that she probably isn’t an actual terrorist. They stated that the motivations of people that suffer from schizophrenia often differ from their actual reasons for performing actions, and this is a classic example.

This probably makes sense, as although this act is completely horrific it can’t really be seen as a terrorist revenge attack can it? Hopefully Bobokulova will be locked up somewhere and given the help she needs in order to avoid hurting anyone else or herself, although given some of the horror stories about some of the psychiatric units in that part of the world, I’m not confident.


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