Nando’s Is Giving Away Free Chicken To A Level Students


Nando’s is one of the nation’s favourite restaurants and with good reason – where else can you get chicken that good for that cheap a price? And that Peri Peri sauce too huh?

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What’s even better is that they’re always doing extra special offers to make your visit even more fun and their latest one really is awesome if you’ve just been doing your exams. I remember being completely stressed out about my results and Nando’s have decided to help you out with that by offering anyone who presents their results to them free halloumi sticks or a free 1/4 chicken if you head there next Thursday after picking them up. Hopefully you’ll be celebrating, but it’s not a bad way to drown your sorrows either if things don’t turn out the way you want them too.


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Of course, there is a catch and you also have to spend at least £7 to claim the free food, but that’s not exactly that much considering you’re getting a whole quarter chicken free as well right? I think it’s worth it. Unfortunately I got my A Level results a long long time ago though so I can’t cash in but I urge anyone reading this to do so. You’ll probably remember it forever – just like your results.

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