The Guy Who Runs Nando’s Twitter Account Tried The Most Cringeworthy Chirpse Ever On A Customer

What is this guy playing at?

Hate to say it but “cheeky” is probably the correct term here — just get a load of this cringe attempt at flirting with a customer by whoever’s running the Nando’s Twitter account:

Creep vibes on a hundred thousand trillion. After people started giving Nando’s grief about it, they released this statement:

We like to have fun with our customers on Twitter and reward our loyal fans.

We wanted to send Elle a bottle of hot sauce in response to her tweet, which is where the reference to “handling the heat” comes from. We would never intentionally offend someone and when we realised we may have done so, deleted the tweet. This is not something we would usually do.

Ah right, of course. I suppose that could be the case but surely you’d have enough self-awareness to realise how those Tweets are coming across before hitting ‘send’?

Should definitely take a page out of Argos’s book when it comes to customer interaction.


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