You Can Name A Salmon After Your Ex And Watch It Get Ripped To Shreds By A Bear This Valentine’s Day

Everyone who had a bad break up with someone in the last year is contemplating how they’re planning to ignore all the loved up idiots posting on social media tomorrow about how happy they are and it looks like the guys at Wildlife Images over in Oregon have come up with the perfect solution.

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The animal rehabilitation centre is offering punters the chance to pay $20 to buy a salmon, name it after their ex (or maybe even Donald Trump or someone like that) and then throw it to a bear and watch it get completely and utterly devoured. Unfortunately, you won’t actually be able to witness this in person, but they’ll send you photos of the carnage and a little certificate to prove that it did really happen.

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Hmmm. Whilst the idea is pretty sick, I think it sounds like a bit of a scam that you can’t actually be there in the flesh to see it happen and revel in glee that some little animal with the same name as your ex is getting ripped to shreds. There’s no real guarantee that the picture is even of the salmon that you bought – they could just have taken a bunch of photos of one salmon getting torn apart and sent them out to everyone who has donated and keeping both the salmon and the money. Not really buying it to be honest.

For more ideas, why don’t you try naming a cockroach after your ex for Valentine’s Day? Can’t really go wrong with that one.


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