Naked Vegans Dripping In Fake Blood Are Demanding Barcelona Becomes Meat Free

Naked Vegans Barcelona

Of course they are.

Vegans have a bad rep and it’s often because most of them can’t go one second without mentioning the fact that they’re a vegan and why that makes them so much better than everyone else. Sure, not all vegans are like that and there are definitely some I’ve met that are more than agreeable, but those ones do unfortunately exist and the ones featured in this next article are the absolute next level of veganism.

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These guys from the Spanish branch of animal rights organisation AnimaNaturalis decided to stage a protest on Sunday in Barcelona’s Sant Jaume plaza. They did this by appearing there naked, lying in fake blood in large Styrofoam trays covered in transparent plastic, much how animal meat appears in supermarkets. They were labelled ‘carne humana’.

Aida Gascon, explained the protest:

We want to draw the attention of the authorities of the city, which pledged in March that it was the first ‘veggie friendly’ city in the world and that it would join global initiatives such as Paul McCartney’s ‘Meatless Monday’. They have not implemented anything yet.

The environmental, health and ethical implications surrounding the consumption of meat is an issue that cannot be ignored anymore.

We call for the protection of the rights of animals used as food. We encourage anyone to leave the meat off the plate and join the millions of people around the world who believe that a meatless day can make a difference.

Hmmm. I mean I’m all for vegans going about their business quietly and do recognise some of the benefits of a meat free diet, but I’m not really sure if this is the best way they can go about making their point. I mean it’s tacky, shocking and baseless really and is probably only going to annoy people who already take issues with vegans. I guess it will get people talking though, one way or the other – just probably not in the way all these vegans want.

It seems kind of dumb that they’re protesting against the fact that the city isn’t doing enough to be vegetarian after pledging it would in March. I mean it’s only been two months and these things take time to implement and execute – surely they should be thankful that the city has even looked into this (doesn’t seem like too many in the world have) and support it, rather than demanding they do more so early on in the campaign though? I suppose that’s fairly typical of vegans though really isn’t it?

Here’s a video of what it would sound like if meat eaters talked like vegans.


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