This Naked Man Stuck In A Gate Blamed It On Hunting Ghosts

Stuck IN Gate

Common problem when hunting ghosts.

If ever I saw a naked man stuck in a gate, I’m not sure what I would expect their excuse to be but I don’t think it would be that it was because they were a paranormalist and they had been hunting ghosts. Come to think of it, it kinda explains everything though doesn’t it? Just blame it on the ghosts.

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The video comes from the city of Rostov-on-Don and is about as bizarre as you would expect from a man stuck naked in a gate trying to get out. He actually manages to wiggle out at the end which is pretty impressive, I just wish I knew how he got in such a situation in the first place. Not buying the ghosts story there mate, sorry.

That’s really weird right? I hope that the translations are actually correct and not just some joke that someone found, although to be honest saying that you’re a paranormalist isn’t even that funny – it’s just more strange than anything else – so I doubt that it is actually something that someone actually made up in the pursuit of humour.

Again, I just wish I knew what was really going on in that video as that’s one hell of a predicament to find yourself in. Russia is a weird place though so I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised about that.

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