Man Shoots A Firework Out Of His Naked Butt; It Ends Horribly (VIDEO)

Fireowrk Up BUtt

There was only ever one way this was going to go.

There are some things in life that you can probably understand would be really funny if you saw them, but would never actually do yourself because of the fear that you might end up in the hospital or worse. Sticking a firework up your naked butt and lighting it is definitely one of those times.

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Thankfully, we’ve got this video uploaded by a guy called Darren O’Neill that we can all live vicariously through so that none of us or our friends ever have to go through with such a terrible ordeal. As you might expect, the results aren’t pretty and the unnamed dude in the video looks like he’s done some serious damage:

Geez what an idiot. Genuinely feared for his life when it looked like it was about to launch. Seems like his mates had a good laugh though and I suppose that’s the main thing, right?

For more of the same, check out this idiot lighting up a homemade fireworks vest. Terrible idea.


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