A Naked Man Was Found Wandering Around The Streets Of Manchester In The Middle Of The Night

Naked Man

What’s going on here?

There isn’t really ever a good reason to be caught walking around naked in a city in the middle of the night and I’m not sure that this video is going to change my perception of that idea.

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The video is provided by some guy named Robert Allan, who seems to have driven up on the naked man and started filming him when he’s asking him just what the hell he’s doing walking around the city with his pot belly and his little knob hanging out. It’s a pretty weird video so take a look at it yourself:

Yeah, not sure if that’s Robert’s actual video of if he’s just ripped it off someone somewhere else, but either way it’s pretty goddamn weird isn’t it? The way that he asks the guy if he’s the guy with the phone and he’s the guy with the penny is kind of reminiscent of the Saw movies or that episode of Black Mirror, but the way that he just seems completely coherent and nonplussed by his situation and not stressed out at all kind of makes you think that that isn’t what’s going on here even a little bit.

It also kinda rules out the completely off your face on drugs theory too, although I suppose it’s possible he’s just on something a little less trippy like LSD or one of those new fangled chemical things. Really got no idea what’s going on though, so if anyone can help please let us know.

And I hope the guy sorted himself out and solved the game/met the guy/got off the drugs/put some clothes on and went to bed. Dangerous situation to be in whatever the circumstances.

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