Porn Star Nacho Vidal Arrested After Psychedelic Toad Venom Ritual Goes Horribly Wrong

Just another normal headline for 2020.

Porn star Nacho Vidal has been arrested on manslaughter charges after a man died following a ritual in which he inhaled psychedelic toad venom, which gives effects similar to hallucinogenic brew ayahuasca.

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Nacho was this week detained in Valencia following an 11-month investigation into the death of fashion photographer Jose Luis Abad at Vidal’s home in July 2019.

A police statement said (via Metro):

The police operation began following the victim’s death during the celebration of a mystic ritual based on the inhalation of venom of the bufo alvarius toad.

The toad, a rare species which is native to the Sonoran Desert, stretching from northern Mexico into California and Arizona, secretes venom containing a very powerful natural psychedelic substance known as 5-MeO-DMT. Never knew you could smoke toad venom as opposed to just licking the toad, but for whatever reason that was the preferred method here.

Local press said the ceremony took place in the residence of Vidal, a 46-year-old porn star whose social media feed is full of ads for his 25-centimetre aromatic candles shaped like penises, available in black, white or cerise.

There doesn’t seem to be any info on what went wrong during the ceremony exactly, but you have to think at least one person had a spectacularly bad trip that resulted in the death of Jose Luis Abad.

These sorts of rituals and ceremonies are routinely carried out on the grounds they offer medicinal benefits, and Vidal had long advocated for them after he claimed his own experiences with DMT opened his mind and healed past trauma.

The reality is that these things can go horrifically wrong however, as was clearly the case here. Again we don’t know the details so I’m not sure if Nacho Vidal is being charged with manslaughter because he provided the psychedelics that led to the man’s death, or whether there was other foul play involved.

Here are some thoughts from the good people of Reddit:

Whatever the case, this story would be headline of the year material if 2020 wasn’t such a surreal clusterfuck already. Now I doubt it would even scratch the top 10. Let’s see what the remaining 7 months of the year have in store for us…

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