Mystery Over ‘Dead Husband’ Spotted In Curry House Has Finally Been Solved

The truth is out.

Earlier this week, a West Sussex widow broke the internet when she claimed to have spotted her late husband in a recently-shot promo for a curry house in Chichester, commenting the following on the Spice Cottage Facebook page:

Despite Spice Cottage repeatedly insisting to the woman that it can’t be her late husband in the video, 59-year-old Lucy Watson was not letting up. She claimed she had ‘no doubt’ the person in the footage was her husband Harry dining with his son Alex.

Well, Alex himself has now come forward to solve the mystery, and let’s just say he doesn’t share Lucy’s view of things. Alex, 39, told MailOnline:

“No way. It’s not my dad and it’s not me. She’s got it wrong.

The answer is that it’s not my dad – that’s it.

Lucy was convinced she saw Harry in the video. Credit: Spice Cottage/Facebook

It’s not him and it’s not me. When I opened up my laptop it’s completely obvious. Anyone who knew my dad would know that straight away

The guy in the video looks like he’s bald for starters. He’s got hair on the side but he’s bald on top. The guy who is opposite him is older than me.”

Well, that settles that then. I’m not sure if Lucy is willing to accept that she was wrong all along but I think everyone else is which means we can finally put to rest the conspiracy theories and all the phantom curry jokes that have been doing the rounds this past week.

Probably a decent result for Spice Cottage though; unreal free publicity as far as they’re concerned, and they no longer need to keep defending themselves on Facebook. Their Google Review rating also remains unchanged – winning!

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