This Mystery Creature Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown


What lies beneath.

It’s well known that we haven’t come nearly close to identifying all the species of animals in the world and there are bound to be some horrendous looking ones out there. But still, when you come face to face with one like the critter above you’ve every right to get freaked out.

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Someone posted a video of it on social media in Indonesia and predictably it went viral as people were absolutely terrified of it. It’s since been revealed that it’s actually a Creatonotos gangis moth which is native to Australia and parts of Asia and has been creeping people out in the country for the past couple of weeks. Here’s a video of it in action:

Oof yeah, that’s kinda put me off visiting any of those regions ever again in the near future to be honest. Definitely don’t wanna run into one of those any time soon – kinda looks like something out of the Alien movies.

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