NASA’s Curiosity Space Rover Captures Image Of “Mysterious Woman” Walking On Mars

Mysterious Woman Mars

The Curiosity Space Rover has beamed back some more very suspicious pictures.

Last week we had a weird alien face hugger spotted on Mars, and this week it looks like a mysterious woman might have been photographed just standing around chilling on the surface of the red planet.

As with the face hugger, the woman was spotted via images broadcast back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity Space Rover and was discovered by the website who seem completely and utterly convinced of its authenticity, saying that ‘every country in the world should be worried about this and that it proves that there is life out there.’ I’m not exactly convinced that it proves that – I mean look at it, it doesn’t really even look that much like a woman and could quite easily just be a weird dirt formation or shadow or whatever – but that hasn’t stopped those alien conspiracists having a field day with it all.

You can watch a (fairly stupid) analysis of the photograph below, which should cast aside any doubts you might feel about it not actually being a woman walking around on the surface of Mars:

Featured Image VIA

Even having watched this the fact that even they are saying that she’s only 8-10cm tall really back up the idea that it’s proof of alien life does it? The fact that even though it has something that looks like breasts and something that looks like arms on it too doesn’t exactly convince me of its authenticity. In fact I think it’s one of the dumber claims for the existence of aliens that I’ve come across.

Probably more concerning than any of this actually is that there’s actually a website out there called UFO Sightings Daily which is maintained and actually manages to post daily updates about UFO sightings. Absolutely mind-blowing – who the hell has the time or inclination to design and run a website like that? In fairness it does look like it’s been made on Geocities, but still.


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