Who Is This Mysterious Woman In Black Walking Across The United States?

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She doesn’t speak and nobody knows what the hell she’s doing.

A mysterious woman in black has been spotted walking across the United States in the last few days, but nobody knows where she’s going or what she’s doing as she refuses to speak to anyone and just walks along in a black full length robe pushing her black luggage.

So far it’s estimated that she’s walked over 500 miles from Georgia to Ohio without saying a word, although having heard about the state of the police service in Georgia it’s not that much of a surprise she wanted to get out of there. A lot of people – who are probably fairly ignorant Americans and are only saying this because she’s wearing a robe – are speculating that she’s on a religious mission, but there’s not real evidence for that other than what she’s wearing.

There’s also a video (which you can see below) of her seemingly having an argument about religion – although it isn’t exactly that clear what they’re arguing about – with a guy in a parking lot which people are using to fuel the speculation, saying that she’s on a Bible mission, whilst others are claiming that she’s a real life angel. There was also a report that she had told police in Tennessee that she was from an Islamic nation and worked at the Pentagon, but these have since been proven false. A bunch of other people just think that she’s mentally ill.

A Facebook page has been set up encouraging people to post their pictures of her and try and figure out just what she’s up to – as well as tracking her route from people saying where they’ve seen her – but still nobody has any idea what she’s up to really. The police have managed to identify her as the 56 year old Elizabeth Poles from Motts, Alabama, but nobody seems to have taken this information any further and tried to find out anything about her background or current situation, in the hopes it might give us some insight into why she’s on this trek right now. And yes, I did try and Google her name but it’s all articles about her walking across America which isn’t that useful because we already know she’s doing that.

Here’s the journey the woman in black has taken so far (is she trying to find aliens at Roswell?)

Woman In Black

I find it strangest that nobody has bothered to see what she does at night and where she sleeps, or hasn’t thought to look into that because surely that would give them some kind of clue about what she was doing and where she was heading? Or at least how financially secure she was which might help explain her current situation? But no, nobody seems to have done that yet. Maybe someone could get on that? Or at least look into her background now that we know her name?

In the meantime, here are a bunch of pictures that people have taken of her. To be fair looking at these pictures it looks like she might be sleeping on convenience store benches – or at least resting on them – but I think there’s a lot more that people could be doing to figure out what she’s up to. When we find out just what her deal is, then we’ll let you know.

To be fair, at least she isn’t as weird as this video entitled Street Walking (which is kind of what she’s doing but nowhere near as weird) or as mysterious as this mysterious warrior tribe from North Sentinel island.

Check out the collection of photos of the woman below. Any idea what she’s up to?

Mysterious Woman In Black 1

Mysterious Woman In Black 2

Mysterious Woman In Black 3

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Mysterious Woman In Black 6

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