This graph shows that Myspace lost 35 million unique visitors over a year. Myspace is screwed.

Remember those days when you used to go on Myspace every day, cruise around listening to new music, scope some pictures of a hot scene chick and maybe private message her, and then post a comment on a buddy’s wall about how wild last night was? Remember when re-arranging your top friends got you a torrent of abuse from some kid you weren’t friends with anymore because he became a goth? I could go on all day with my Myspace memories (and i’m thinking about doing it in another article…would anyone care? leave me some feedback) but it looks like Myspace is well and truly dying at this point – at least according to this graph, which shows that over the course of the last year Myspace’s unique visitors fell by a staggering 35 million people. Ouch.

I mean, I haven’t logged in for a while and sometimes i check out new music on that site but usually i just hit up Soundcloud or Youtube or something now, but I didn’t think it was this bad. These guys need to bring back Tom if they want to turn it around, otherwise Myspace is going to be remembered as a black hole of mid 2000’s pop culture that nobody really understands. Not that anybody really understood it at the time anyway.


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