Music Teacher Accused Of Contaminating School Flutes With His Semen


Sticky flutes.

Parents have been sent a warning about claims that thousands of schoolchildren have been given flutes that are contaminated with a music teacher’s semen.

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An investigation is underway into the alleged “inappropriate sexual conduct involving a musical performer” that has affected at least 13 schools in California.

The warning urges anyone who was handed flutes to put them into a paper bag and hand them to the police for testing.

Superintendent of the Saugus Union School District, Joan Lucid, notified parents on Saturday, saying:

The performer distributes a flute-like musical instrument made of PVC pipe or bamboo to students during a music lesson, and the allegation is that he contaminated some of these instruments with semen.

The flutes had apparently been given out by a teacher who worked with charity Flutes Across the World. The charity hands out flutes to the pupils asking them to paint them and these are then distributed to needy children.


A parent named only as Nate has handed in a flute given to his child to the police, whilst another unnamed parent said:

It’s disgusting, it’s unreal, you can’t even really fathom it. It made me sick to my stomach.

Yeah I mean if this turns out to be true then it’s absolutely disgusting. What kind of sick pervert would get enjoyment out of knowing thousands of kids are using flutes with his semen on it? And how did he manage to land a job like this when he’s clearly completely messed in the head? He must’ve been working on this under the radar for quite some time now. Sicko.

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