Music Festivals Are Issuing A Warning About A Very Strong Batch Of Pills That Are In Circulation

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There’s always a danger whenever you consume drugs that you might end up dead because of them and this was further exemplified by the tragic passing of two attendees at Portsmouth’s Mutiny Festival over the weekend after they took a bad batch of pills.

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Now, other festivals are taking the unusual step of releasing information about these super strong pills that are currently doing the rounds and encouraging people to ‘act responsibly’ and ‘take care of each other’. Both Parklife Festival and Love Saves The Day have issued the following warnings so far:

In fairness I’ve gotta give props for these two festivals for tweeting about this. It’s pretty much 100% obvious that most of the people in attendance are going to be doing some kind of drug, so you might as well acknowledge this and try and keep everyone safe instead of just turning a blind eye to it and pretending that it isn’t happening. Make sure you do your part as well and warn anyone you see taking drugs like these that they had better be careful and calm it down because they’re super strength. You might end up saving some lives.

For more of the same, check out these Donald Trump shaped pills from last year. Obviously gonna be bad news there.


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