Murderer Tries To Avoid Prison; Says Mutilated Corpse Is Just ‘Life Sized Sex Doll Made Of Human Flesh’

That’s definitely not going to hold up in court.

A man over Miami who allegedly murdered his girlfriend tried to get out of jail time by saying that her body was simply a life-sized sex doll covered in human flesh.

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The mutilated corpse of Deanna Clendinen, 52, was discovered in Jerome Wright’s, 32, bedroom last week. The police were alerted by his own mum after she noticed a foul smell coming from his room.

When they arrived at the house, Wright walked out of the room “naked and sweaty” and it was here that Clendinen’s body was discovered covered in sheets. Her stomach had been slashed and her internal organs removed, which were later found in a bin outside.

Wright was swiftly taken down the police station to be interviewed and it was here that he said that his ex’s body was simply a blow up doll covered in human flesh. Yeah, try pulling that lie in court mate. He also tried to claim that his girlfriend had been missing for five months.

Predictably the police are having none of this BS and he has been charged with abusing a dead human body and will face further charges including murder depending on the post-mortem. I think it’s pretty obvious how this one’s going to turn out – Jerome Wright sounds like one sick individual and his explanation of what the police found in his room is completely delusional.

Even more delusional than this murderer who complained in jail that his food wasn’t vegan enough. Should’ve thought about that before killing an actual human being.


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