Munchies’ ‘Guide To The North’ Highlights Some Of Incredible Local Food Up North

Pork Pie

Have you tried any of these beauties before?

We’ve featured a couple of programmes from the Munchies channel before – like this one about a young New York chef who sells mushroom truffles out the back of his van – but this new one about the delicacies of the north is probably my favourite video that the channel has released, mainly because I love Parmesan hot shots and want the whole world to know about them.

For the uneducated, a Parmesan hot shot is pretty much a pepperoni pizza on a chicken base and although that does sound pretty stodgy it’s actually delicious and also really cheap for what it is. It’s native to Middlesborough and some other places in the north and is pretty much the only place I’ve ever encountered one.

In the new Munchies episode which is brought to you by hungryhouse, a dude called Ben Ferguson looks into some of the other culinary secrets of the North in the same vein as the Parmesan hot shot, with luxury lobsters, creative curries, rabbits, game pies and crab cakes all coming under the magnifying glass.

The first episode – which you can see here – focusses on the north east and the Parmesan hot shot in particular so you can see what all the fuss is about.

You can watch the first episode of the series below:


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