Mumbai Police Force-Feed Thief 48 Bananas So He’d Shit Out Necklace He Swallowed

Crime-solving 101.

The Mumbai Police used a unique strategy to recover a stolen gold chain from a thief after he swallowed the jewellery — they force-fed him 48 bananas so that he was left with no choice but to shit it out for them.

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The accused had snatched a woman’s 25-gram gold chain at the Ghatkopar east fish market, but was chased and caught by onlookers and taken to the police. He denied doing anything wrong but two X-rays revealed he was telling porkies and that the chain was in fact in his stomach, so they made him eat the bananas all through the day until he crapped the necklace out.

Senior Inspector Shankar Dhanavade says:

He was fed more than 40 bananas throughout the day

Eventually the chain was found. We made him wash and disinfect it.

KLANG 05 JANUARY 2016. Perniaga, M Sumathi, 43 menyusun buah Pisang ketika meniaga di Pasar Besar Meru, Klang. STR/MUHAMMAD SULAIMAN *** Local Caption ***

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Not sure why they’d just force-feed this guy 40 bananas instead of giving him some quick and effective laxatives, or maybe even some Indian food, but I guess it’s more fun this way. And to then make him pick the necklace out of his own shit and wash and disinfect it? Savage stuff.

I doubt the guy will be stealing, much less swallowing any necklaces in the near future but I wonder what his stance is on bananas now? No way he’s able to look at one in the same way again.

P.S. Know what would have done the trick even faster though? Peanut butter-covered bananas wrapped in bacon. Mmmm.


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