Mum Tucks Naked Drunk Stranger In Halloween Make Up Into Bed Thinking It’s Her Son

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Trick or treat.

A woman received an unexpected surprise this Sunday morning after discovering the man she’d tucked into bed the night before was actually a complete stranger.

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Juliet Jarvis from Kingsley Common in Surrey was awoken at the wee hours of the morning to what she thought was her son Stewart coming in from a Halloween party. Obviously the dude was wearing Halloween make up and therefore was harder to recognise and Juliet helped him to bed.

His face was painted as a skull and she tucked him into a bed in her spare room and gave him a pillow, to which he politely replied, “thanks”.

However, it turned out that this wasn’t Stewart at all – it was in fact 29-year-old Marc Campfield who was actually chucked out of a nightclub for falling asleep near the bar. For some reason he managed to find himself in Kingsley Common, which is reportedly a mystery as he lives miles away in Bordon.

The bizarre incident all came to light when Juliet’s husband pointed out:

There’s a naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart.

Juliet Jarvis

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Although this might seem like a terrifying thing to wake up to, apparently it was actually just a heart-warming story of generosity and amusement. When he realised what had happened, Marc tried to pretend that he knew Stewart, but this didn’t last long when the mum sent a picture of him to her son. Fortunately, Juliet saw the funny side and decided to give him some of her son’s clothes.

Speaking about the whole experience, Marc said:

I could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people.

They were so understanding.

What a lovely end to what could have been a really horrible situation. This is how drunken nights should end – with a mum-like figure tucking you in and not judging you when it turns out you’re not one of her offspring at all. Hats off to you Julie – definite contender for mum of the year.

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