Gunmen In Halloween Masks Shoot Down Crowd At Rave In East London (VIDEO)

Masks rave

A real life house of horrors.

There aren’t many more fun weekends than Halloween, as everyone dresses up in scary outfits and there’s normally an abundance of parties to go to. But it seems like it could actually end up being a little bit too genuinely terrifying judging by this video.

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The footage is taken from a rave in East London over the weekend, at an industrial estate in Rigg Approach, Leyton. It’s not known why the ‘Money Move’ rave was targeted, but it’s being said that gunmen in Halloween masks burst into the venue at around 5am and opened fire.

You can see footage below, and here’s what a witness told The Sun:

There must have been at least four guns. It was terrifying.

Everyone who had got out was just running but there were over 100 trapped inside. I turned and ran.

They had blocked off the only road out of the rave with a car before, so not many got out.

Not many got out? It doesn’t sound like they were all pinned down and murdered so where the hell did they go? I’m assuming they got out but either way, it sounds like it was an absolute nightmare.

The Met offered this statement about it all:

Officers, including firearms officers, attended the scene and discovered a 41-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his left leg.

He has been conveyed to an east London hospital by London Ambulance Service where his condition is described as stable.

Officers were then made aware of a female, believed to be in her 20s, who had self-presented at another east London hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. Her condition is described as not life-threatening or life-changing.

A crime scene was put in place and an investigation has been launched by Trident officers.

There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.

See, sounds like most people got away. Still though, it’s one of the most terrifying Halloweens on recent record, and way worse than the killer clown epidemic that had everyone so frightened last year. Hope this trend doesn’t continue next year.


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