This Mum’s ‘Tough Love’ Letter To Her Disrespectful 13 Year Old Is Absolutely Spot On

Bit harsh or an example of perfect parenting?

An Australian mum’s note to her son is doing the rounds after she posted it on Facebook, calling on her 13 year old son Aaron stop acting like her “roommate” and remember he’s just a 13 year old who still needs to rely on his mum for many things.

Heidi Johnson later explained that the disagreement came about after Aaron began making a bit of change off his YouTube channel and bragged about it during an argument.

She brought him crashing back down to reality with her response though, which she later said she only wanted friends and family on Facebook to see but mistakenly marked it as “public”. Not sure if she’s telling a tiny fib there but either way, here’s the letter:


I don’t know what it’s like to raise a teenager but I’m sure it’s one of the most difficult things ever, so respect to Heidi for how she dealt with it. At the same time the kid’s 13 so he’s bound to be a bit of a nightmare and I’m sure Heidi would rather him than one of those wannabe Bloods we keep seeing on Scared Straight. Of course your 13 year old is going to answer back to you and make smart-arse comments, maybe it’s not entirely necessary to own his arse in front of the world like this.

At the end of the day, at least he’s making his own change rather than stealing it from his grandma. Don’t get me wrong that’s an A+ letter, but maybe she should have saved it for when he did something way more terrible than answer back to her.


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