Going To Prison In America When You’re A 13 Year Old Wannabe Gangster Completely Sucks

Beyond Scared Straight

I never, ever, ever want to go to prison.

Here’s a clip from an A & E show called Beyond Scared Straight, where they film kids going into jail and see if it messes them up enough to get back on the straight and narrow. If this clip is anything to go by then it definitely is.

As soon as the 13 year old kid gets to jail, he gets completely owned by everyone in the video. The guards and the other prisoners show absolutely no mercy on him as they verbally beat the fight out of him and make him cry after about one minute of abuse. I can only imagine what the rest of his sentence there was like.

I never, ever, ever want to go to prison and I never ever ever want to see any of these prison tattoos.


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