Devastated Mum Bursts Into Tears On Live TV After Watching Brutal Video Of Her Daughter Being Attacked


A woman burst into tears on a recent episode of ‘This Morning’ after the programme showed a video of her daughter being brutally attacked by bullies.

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Surprisingly it was the mum, Claire Walton, who shared the video after hearing that her daughter’s attacker had been laughing about it. She decided to share it in order to prove to everyone that this girl is a bully, but she didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did:

So grim – it just reminds you how messed up school can be. You just can’t imagine being under such stress on a daily basis and even more so, being the mum of a kid who is going through that kind of trauma. Now that the story has gone viral and is on national television, hopefully the school will do something to protect Holly and any other kids who are suffering there.

And if they don’t, maybe just get this MMA kid on the case.


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