Mum Tried To Blame Sunbed For Noise Of Weed Farm Growing In Her Bedroom



A mum who was busted growing a cannabis farm at her home tried to throw police off the scent by explaining the ‘humming sound’ they could hear was coming from a sunbed.

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Officers visited Emma Carter’s home in Salford looking for a wanted man on an unrelated matter. They then heard the suspicious sound coming from a first floor bedroom (just her luck!), which Emma claimed was her daughter using the tanning machine.

Just one problem with that explanation – the officers could also smell weed in the air. So they made their way up to the bedroom where they found 20 skunk plants growing with the aid of electrical hydroponic equipment worth around £16,500.

Emma claimed the drugs were for her own medicinal use (good one) but later insisted she was forced to house the plants because she owed money to her ex-boyfriend Anthony Sheffield.

In a statement, Emma said (via Metro):

I was put under pressure to allow others to set up and farm at my house due to debts I owed to my former partner Anthony Sheffield, who was in prison at the time.

I was not responsible for taking care of the plants and I was not going to receive any financial benefit.

Her lawyer added:

This defendant is clearly a vulnerable woman. She is a single parent looking after two children. She is unfortunate and has been the victim of more than one abusive relationship.

She found herself in a position where she was under a lot of pressure, had misplaced loyalty to him and allowed herself to be used.

She is a woman who needs support, craves support and responds to support. She is a woman who can reform.

Thankfully, Judge Richard Mansell QC handed Emma a community order instead of sending her to prison, which I think is a sensible decision. It would be pretty tragic for a 41-year-old mum to go to jail over growing some weed, especially given the context and circumstances if they’re true.

Btw, get a load of this comment under the original article in the Metro:

Holland & Barrett sell weed now? Did anyone else know about this? I mean I know times are hard on the high street right now but somehow I seriously doubt it. Maybe one day though eh?

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