Worst Mum In The World Rips Her Son’s Balls Off, Tries To Superglue Them Back On

A mum has been charged after ripping her son’s balls off and attempting to stick them back together with superglue.

A 34-year-old Texas woman was arrested on Wednesday for nearly ripping off her 6-year-old son’s balls after she became angry with him. She then attempted to repair his savaged genitals by using a (presumably all-purpose) superglue.

The lad’s father returned home from work and found the boy crying in an upstairs bedroom besides some bloodied tissues. He then discovered his son’s bleeding scrotum and took him to hospital where they found a laceration 4 centimetres long and bruising around his penis. Jennifer Marie Vargas was charged with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction resulting in serious bodily injury and now faces 10 years in prison.

Firstly — OUCH. My plums are swollen just thinking about it. Secondly, what an awful thing for a mother to do. You don’t rip off a man’s balls, especially if he’s your son. Definitely shouldn’t expect any grandkids in the future if that’s how you want to handle things.

As this happened in Texas… surely this should be grounds for lethal injection? Just a terrible, heinous thing to do.

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