Mother Forces Her Three Year Old Kid To Get 666 Tattoo


January sure is shaping up to be the month of viral videos. First up tampon girl, then dog humping girl, now mother forcing 3 year old kid to get a 666 tattoo. What’s next?

This recent video that’s become an instant internet sensation for all the wrong reasons features something that is quite possibly sicker than tampon girl and dog humping woman put together. The video features a three year old boy being forced by his mother to have a tattoo. Now that’s just f’ed up, mainly because that’s straight up child abuse. The kid’s three years old FFS, why the hell are you making him get a tattoo?! Maybe he doesn’t want a tattoo. Maybe that tattoo gun is hurting him. Maybe you should just tattoo yourself in the face with a real gun and upload that to YouTube, we’d write about that fo’sure. The worst part about the kid’s tattoo is that it isn’t even of anything remotely cool so in ten years time the kid can’t even be like ‘yeah I got this cool tattoo when I was three, buy me a god damn beer and a burrito bitch’. The tattoo’s of the number 666, which is the devil’s number. Go check out The Omen and how Damien rolls to see why it’s totally not about having 666 anywhere on your body.

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Plus I was thinking, surely by the time this kid grows into a fully grown adult, the skin where the tattoo is will stretch loads so the 666 will just look like three really weirdly shaped circles? The mother really didn’t think this one through, obviously.

Well hopefully with the power of the internet this mum will get found out and forced to face judgement for child abuse. Here’s the shocking video of the tattooing taking place:

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