Watch This Pissed Off Mum Slap Her Son After He Got Destroyed In An MMA Fight


Talk about kicking a man when he’s down.

Getting defeated in an MMA fight must suck all by itself, but then imagine once you’d been beaten the shit out of, you then had to face a bollocking from your mum straight afterwards.

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That was the fate for poor old Viktor Kichigin, who got absolutely dismantled by opponent Ruslan Yamanbae during this week’s Fight Nights Global 67 in Russia. After his loss, his mother, who is also his trainer, made her way into the ring so that she could beat him down even further:

Savage. I get that she trained him and she needs him to do well, but slapping him around the face when he’s already down is hardly going to make him want to get back in the ring. Poor guy – I bet he went to bed without his dinner that night.

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