A Mum Shaved Her Daughter’s Head And Told Her She Was Dying For A Cancer Scam

Juanita Garcia Cancer Scam

Parenting 101.

A 46 year old woman named Juanita Garcia from Edinburg, Texas has been arrested after shaving her 7 year old daughter’s head and claiming that she had cancer.

In a move that seems like it makes even the most deadbeat dad out there seem like a positive saint, Garcia held multiple fundraiser’s to raise money for her daughter’s treatment and even let her young daughter become convinced that she was terminally ill and only had months to live.

Child Protective Services teamed up with the sheriff’s office to conduct an investigation into Garcia and determined that despite her posts on social media and claims to the contrary, her daughter was perfectly healthy. Garcia later broke under questioning and admitted that she had made up the condition to try and scam money off generous strangers and it had worked. What an absolute psycho bitch.

The sheriff’s office had the following statement:

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The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is urging the community to verify and confirm information from fundraisers that they choose to participate in.

In many cases, asking questions and utilizing good common-sense approaches can prevent someone from being the target of a fraudulent scheme.

Legitimate organizations, groups, or persons who are fundraising will have ways to verify and confirm information about their events.

It’s sad to think that you even have to check that fundraising events are actually legit, but unfortunately that’s the world that we now live in thanks to people like Juanita Garcia. Honestly, convincing a young child that she was going to die and cutting all their hair off to perpetuate this is one of the most despicable things we’ve written about on Sick Chirpse this year. Fuck that.

Garcia is currently holed up in Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center on a felony charge of exploitation of a child. She’s on a $10,000 bond but unfortunately she hadn’t made enough off exploiting her kid to post it, bitch.

I think this woman would definitely fit in with our other contenders for Mum Of The Year.


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