Mum Sells Fake Penises For Transgender Kids Aged Under Five

She’s also selling ‘Stand-to-Pee’ devices for kids who were born female but want to stand up while urinating.

The mum of a ‘gender non-conforming child’ is selling fake ‘extra-small’ penises for transgender kids under the age of five, reports the Mirror.

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‘The Teeny Tiny’ silicone packers can be worn by kids under five – and are even available ‘circumcised’ and give the appearance of a male bulge.

They are also available in several colours – including cashew (lol), caramel and hazelnut. They are on sale alongside bigger fake penises targeted at transgender kids aged between five and eight.

These kids can even keep their fake penises in ‘small packer holders’, complete with Ninja Turtle and other superhero designs:

Run by mum Searah Deysach, the site also offers ‘Stand-to-Pee’ devices for youngsters who were born female but wish to stand up while urinating:

If your child was assigned female at birth but wants to stand up while urinating, this just might work great for them.

They’ve got loads of other stuff related to gender expression for sale over at

Searah (wild spelling) says:

TransKids is a business that grew out of multiple requests from loving parents of younger trans kids who wanted gender expression gear for their children.

All of these products are made and sold with the sole purpose of helping young trans folks feel embodied in their gender.

We also aim to be a safe place where parents can get information and ask questions from people who will be supportive and understanding of what it is like to parent gender non-conforming kids.

Might sound well-intentioned there, but gotta be honest, the reaction online hasn’t been too great:

Indeed it does seem a bit much, especially when you’ve got wild shit like this written on the transkids website where they are selling this stuff:

You have to understand people’s concerns about this sort of thing, especially considering we are dealing with children who are so young they are still deciding whether they are dinosaurs or not, let alone male or female.

Might be a good idea to wait a little bit longer before kitting out your child with a fake penis, maybe when they are an adult and can fully comprehend the idea and make the decision for themselves? Bit like the man with the bionic penis (but not quite).


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