Mum Says New Look Called Her A ‘C*nt’ Three Times – But Shop Denies It Was Their Fault

Oh the humanity.

A mum has been left “mortified” after being called a ‘c*nt’ three times in response to a complaint to New Look – but the store insists there’s no way the offensive term originated from their customer services team.

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Yvonne Redmond had sent a WhatsApp message regarding a refund for her £15 jeans order, saying she had already attempted to contact the retailer both online and by phone.

The 39-year-old claims she had to do a double take when she received an automated reply which began: “Hi C*nt”.

Yvonne replied: “Did you seriously just call a customer a c*nt?” – only to be called a c*nt twice more. Rude!

New Look says the automated messages generate the name using the customer’s Whatsapp profile name and so suggested someone must have got a hold of Yvonne’s phone and changed her WhatsApp details as a joke – but Yvonne says this isn’t possible as she could see her name was correct even as the automated message kept calling her a c*nt.

Yvonne even sent the retailer a screenshot in a bid to prove her name was appearing correctly on her device.

Her theory is that someone working for New Look must have changed customers’ names “thinking they were funny”. After complaining about the messages, New Look told her they had now corrected her name, which she says proves they can change customers’ names to “whatever they like”.

The mum-of-six from Sheffield told The Mirror:

I was mortified. First they take my money for an order they said they couldn’t honour, now they swear at me for trying to find out why.

I had to do a double take because the message said ‘Hi C***’. I said ‘did you seriously just call a customer a c***?’

Usually I would think it was funny. Once is a mistake, but three times?

It’s concerning that there’s someone there that could be changing people’s names to all kinds of things, also the fact they’re taking money that doesn’t belong to them.

I’m laughing about it but at the same time it’s like ‘how dare they?’

“I had my six-year-old daughter sat beside me at the time and she saw it.

Well, who knows what to believe? The good news is that Yvonne got a refund in the end so there’s no more worries about that, but how will New Look make up for the trauma of an automated robot calling her the C-word three times… with her 6-year-old daughter sitting next to her no less! Hopefully the £20 or whatever she got from The Mirror to tell her story more than makes up for it.

Also have to mention that’s a pretty poor compo face they’ve run with the article. I mean you have to do better than that with a story like this. No wonder New Look aren’t taking her complaint seriously!

Yvonne better take some tips from the Stoke woman still waiting for her KFC order from Deliveroo. That’s a 10/10 compo face right there.


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