Mum Horrified After Finding Fish Eggs In 75p ASDA Fish Fingers – But Is It Caviar?

Nice try ASDA.

It’s always rank when you hear about the one in a million person who finds something that they didn’t order in their food from the supermarket and the case of Chelsea Freer finding some gross little fish eggs in her two year old son’s 75p ASDA ‘Just Essentials’ fish fingers is no different.

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Well, it isn’t for me but some people are saying that Chelsea should have paid £75 for the fish fingers rather than 75p, claiming that the fish eggs were actually caviar rather than whatever the hell she thought they were. This isn’t exactly correct though as caviar – which is essentially unfertilised fish eggs – must come from a sturgeon fish and not a pollock like these fish fingers claimed to be harvested from.

Even if it was caviar it looks absolutely disgusting and would totally freak you out if you were expecting normal fish fingers. Here’s what Chelsea had to say about her experience:

I won’t be buying Asda’s fish fingers again. Good job I didn’t let my son eat them. Full of fish eggs.

It’s just a good job I saw them otherwise I wouldn’t have even known. I won’t be buying them ever again.

Yeah I never really get people saying they’ll never buy the product again because obviously it’s disappointing but the chances of that happening to the same person again in the future really are miniscule. Anyway, ASDA released the following statement in response:

Unfortunately the nature of using fish means that there is always a small risk of roe making its way into the final product.

We have processes in place throughout the supply chain from catch to processing, including avoiding times of the year when this is more likely to occur and we have received no similar complaints about this issue.

We understand that Ms Freer has taken the product back into the store, and has received a full refund as well as a gesture of goodwill, and we apologise again for any inconvenience this may have caused her.

That all sounds good, but it’s funny when you find out that the gesture of goodwill is a £5 ASDA voucher. I suppose because the fish fingers only cost 75p in the first place that in percentage terms it’s a pretty good deal, but even so it’s not a good look receiving a stupid poxy £5 voucher when you consider how rank those fish fingers look. C’mon ASDA you can do better than that, read the room.

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