Mum Films Herself Brutally Humiliating Daughter For Bullying Classmate With Cancer


Eye for an eye.

The shocking video below has emerged, showing a mum shaving her daughter’s head as punishment for bulling her classmate who had cancer.

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I know we post a lot of gruesome shit here on Sick Chirpse, but this is a difficult watch in a totally different way. The girl is screaming in horror as her mum ruthlessly shaves off her long, black hair. As a teenage girl, there’s not a lot worst you could do to her with regards to appearance, although some people are arguing that she deserves it for bullying her ill classmate. An eye for an eye and all that.

The clip emerged on Facebook this week after being shared on social media and going viral. It’s not clear where the footage was filmed although it’s thought to be a country in Europe.

Comments on the footage are pretty mixed – while many were disgusted by the mum’s behaviour for being sadistic and humiliating, others are arguing that her hair will grow back and it’s a sturdy lesson. I’ve got to say I’m split. While there’s no excuse for going around and ripping into people, particularly those who are suffering from a terrible disease, this does seem like a pretty extreme punishment. I guess it depends what exactly that girl was doing and saying to deserve her mum laying into her.

Still, I guess getting your head shaved is nowhere near as bad as five years in prison. Which is the length of time you can get in the slammer for psychological bullying these days.


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