Mum Disgusts Entire Pub By Letting Her Kid Take A Dump Under The Table

I thought the food smelt weird.

You’re out with the family at your local pub for a lovely dinner. You’d been waiting all week for this and it’s a real family treat. Halfway through your Hunters Chicken you smell something strange in the air. You turn to your left and there it is – a child in the middle of the pub, sitting in his potty and doing a shit. It’s not something you would expect or want to see, however according to one user on mumsnet this is exactly what she saw on Saturday and in a classic bit of English manners, she refused to complain.

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We all know training a child to use the toilet can be difficult and troublesome, with parents having to cater to their child’s needs and getting creative – but surely allowing them to go in the middle of a meal is stepping over the line. Many of the users of the mumsnet seemed to think so with one user being critical of the parents training methods specifically.

Toilet training involves getting used to waiting to pee in the appropriate place, which is never next to a table in a pub. So they are doing a pretty awful job training the child.


One of the more disturbing sides of the story is that the staff in the pub were happy to let this happen with none of them stepping in to do something about it, something which certain users thought should be reported:

You should ring environmental health and complain about the restaurant, they should have done something.

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Whilst the occurrence may seem pretty unusual and disgusting, many of the users said they’d seen plenty of other incidents of children taking a dump in public with one saying she even saw it on the tube.

However, maybe the kid knew that when you’ve got to go, you should go. Take a look at why holding in a poo may be bad for your health.


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