This Woman Breastfeeds Her Son And His Friend And Calls Them “Milk Siblings”

This kid can forever brag that he used to suck on his mate’s mum’s boobs.

It’s World Breastfeeding Week apparently, which means if you’ve got any funky breastfeeding stories now’s peak time to share them. Here’s ours…

Pennsylvania woman Jessica Anne Colletti got a weird one — she enjoys breastfeeding her 16 month old son Lucian and his friend 18 month old Mateo at the same time.

She said:

There’s so much love between these milk siblings. It’s a special bond between us all.

Why is she breastfeeding another woman’s child as well as her own? Well 10 months ago she met Mateo’s mum Charlie, who gave her the green light because she was often busy at work.

It just seemed like the natural thing to do because I was already breastfeeding my son. It was what he needed. (His mum) was happy for him to have the comfort and the best nutrition he could get while she was at work.

Milk Bros

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In fact the arrangement has worked out so well that both families have now moved in with each other.

It works out really well for us.

Good for them I suppose? It does seem a little bit weird breastfeeding your friend’s child at the same time as your own though. Extra weird calling them “milk siblings”. That’s going to be an interesting friendship dynamic when these two boys get older and Mateo keeps reminding Lucian that he used to drink his mum’s titty milk. Every chance Lucian winds up a fucked up teenager with some serious rage issues.

P.S. Jessica is exactly the kind of mum who’d give her kids a ‘Happy Handshake’ manual. Gross.


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