Parents Make A Masturbation Guide For Their Son Called ‘The Happy Handshake’

Progressive or just plain weird? These parents made a pamphlet on masturbation especially for their 14-year-old son.

In what I’m sure was a well-intentioned move but undeniably a bit weird too, an American couple has created a homemade masturbation guide for their 14-year-old son, who they homeschool.

According to the parents, who run the Tumblr Homeschooling Geek, they scoured over 50 websites to create the perfect guide to wanking for their son. It covers body acceptance, questions over gender and there’s even a section on anal stimulation.

Are these the kind of frank and honest dialogues parents should be having with 14-year-olds? Or would you have killed yourself if your parents tried to pull something like this on you at that age?

Homeschooling Geek explains: “The pamphlet has some humor in it (the best way I’ve found to teach sex ed) and is geared towards the young male teens of any orientation.”

Take a look – you might learn something:

how to wank

wank guide

wank tutorial

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