Mum Of Boy Whose Phone Was Smashed By Ronaldo: ‘He’s The Most Arrogant Man In The World’



I think pretty much everyone in the world probably recognises that Cristiano Ronaldo has an air of arrogance about him, but 37 year old Sarah Kelly actually has an awful story to back that idea up as well.

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You might remember a few months ago that Ronaldo was in a bit of trouble after he smashed the phone out of the hands of a young boy at Goodison Park after Manchester United had lost there (again). I had kinda forgotten about it, but it turns out that Ronaldo actually telephoned young Jacob Harding to try and make amends – but the phone call didn’t exactly go to plan.

Here’s what Kelly – the boy’s mother – had to say about it:

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He asked me if I would like to come down and meet his family.

He said, “I’m not a bad dad”. I said to him, “I never said you were a bad dad”.

‘He said, “I had a terrible upbringing, I lost my dad”.

I said to him, “Everybody has a sob story Ronaldo, I lost my dad young, I’ve had cancer”.

‘He kept calling me Jack and didn’t even know my name and I said, “My name is Sarah” and he said, “Oh, Sarah, I’m sorry”.

‘He never referred to Jacob by his name either, it was always “the boy”. “I know the boy’s got problems”, he said.

I told him, “He hasn’t got a problem, he has a disability, you’re the one with the problem”.

He’s the ‘most arrogant man I’ve ever spoken to and feels like he has got away with it.

But I’m planning to take legal action against him and United.

Lol OK it really does sound like Ronaldo half assed that apology phone call after he couldn’t even get the name of the woman he was speaking to right or even remember the name of the kid, but I still don’t think she comes off that well with what she’s saying. Seems like she’s fixated on getting some money for Ronaldo’s actions – which let’s face it, aren’t exactly that traumatising – and that doesn’t really do her any favours here.

Seems like it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. I’m sure Ronaldo could just give her £40,000 or something and she would probably go away. Think about it pal.

As for the most arrogant man in the world, the story certainly adds ammunition to that theory. I’ll give Sarah Kelly that at least.

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