Mulled Wine Scented Bog Roll Is The Rank New Festive Creation From Tesco


Even your toilet breaks can be festive.

Now that Halloween’s over and we’re well into November, the Jack O’Lanterns are steadily being replaced with Christmas lights as we get into the festive time of year.

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With this in mind, Tesco have decided to enhance our Christmas experience even further by launching a mulled wine scented loo roll. So this year, even your toilet breaks can be festive.


The ‘luxury soft toilet tissue’ is available from the supermarket for £2 and includes citrol, eugenol, cinnamol, citronella and limonene. In a statement, Tesco said:

Our mulled spice scented toilet tissue has a mulled spice fragrance core and a decorated paper for extra indulgence everyday.

Although I have been speaking favourably of the specially scented bog roll, the internet does not seem to agree:

Seems like this product is nearly as unpopular as their Prosecco flavoured crisps. They were rank.


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