MTV Accidentally Played A Fresh Prince Video During Their Prince Music Marathon

Fresh Prince

You had one job guys.

The world mourned the passing of Prince last night and many organisations tried to pay tribute to him in their own special way.

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MTV’s idea of doing this was to change their logo from yellow to purple (nice) and then decided to play his music videos back to back for the rest of the day, followed by the Purple Rain movie. Although is undoubtedly a nice gesture from the channel, the fact is it’s only a nice gesture if you don’t completely and utterly screw it up.

And of course that’s exactly what MTV managed to do. Clearly not actually bothering to program what was going onto our screens, they just typed Prince into the artist box on their computer and clicked on shuffle. As such at around 2:55 pm viewers were treated to ‘Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” by Fresh Prince and D.J. Jazzy Jeff. Awkward.

Yeah probably not what you want in the middle of a Prince marathon really is it. In fairness to MTV though, it’s been so long since they’ve actually played music videos that they’ve probably forgotten the correct procedure for it anyway.

Maybe people wanted a break from all the Prince worship going on though as well. Nah, don’t be silly – even Niagara Falls paid tribute to him yesterday.


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