All Your Favourite Old School MTV Shows Are Coming Back To A New Channel

The original wastemen are making a comeback.

The 90s seem to be back in fashion this year what with the resurgence of Pokémon and Donald Trump and the Clintons battling it out, and it looks like MTV has got the hint.

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Starting on August 1st, VH1 Classic will be rebranded as MTV Classic and will focus on late 90s/early 00s material – TV shows, music videos and specials.

This means the return of:


Beavis & Butthead

Celebrity Death Match

Aeon Flux

Laguna Beach

Run’s House

The Real World

Road Rules

Pimp My Ride




Wonder Showzen

Clone High

There will also be reruns of MTV unplugged, which had some epic performances from Nirvana, Bob Bylan, Oasis, Erykah Badu and Jay-Z.

This comes 35 years after the launch of the original MTV.

Who even knew there was a VH1 Classic? I don’t know who the hell would watch that so makes sense to bring back all the best MTV shows instead. I wonder how Beavis & Butthead holds up now that we’ve had South Park, Family Guy etc since then? What about Celebrity Death Match? I’m sure we’ll find out while baked and channel surfing in the coming months.

P.S. Classic:


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