MTV Are Getting Rinsed For Asking White Guys To Do Better In 2017


Someone is 100% getting fired for this.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with MTV these days –  I used to watch completely sick music videos on it, but now it’s just full of crap like ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Teen Mom’.

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Today though the channel really has outdone itself. Sure, it’s aimed at young people and so it’s going to have a vaguely leftwing socialist agenda that looks to appeal to those young people, but whoever commissioned a short documentary entitled ‘white guy’s resolutions for 2017’ probably deserves to not only be fired, but to never work in the industry again. That’s not to mention the people who were involved in making it either – how could nobody see how completely and utterly racist/stupid this is, especially when it’s trying to achieve the exact opposite?

Anyway, this video basically lumps every single white person into the same boat and classes them as irredeemably stupid, racist, homophobic, and beneath contempt. But hey, it’s going to appeal to hip young millennials who think their parents are idiots, so that’s cool, right?

You’ll enjoy this – the video even starts with the line “hello fellow white guys!” No, I’m not making this up:

Wow. Yes, that was actually a video that a major corporation thought was cool to make and release, basically assuming that one humongous demographic was partaking in all of this kind of behaviour. That isn’t racist at all is it?

Love the way that Kanye West gets called out as well because he’s a little bit off centre. Very legit and very on point with the millennial agenda.

Anyway, I could spend all day tearing this ridiculous video apart, but about 10,000 people have already uploaded videos onto the internet doing that in more articulate ways than I ever could. Here’s one of my favourites:

And there you have it, MTV has just released a late contender for viral video of the year. If they hadn’t actually deleted it themselves, I might even have thought that they were actually trolling everyone with it because it’s that ridiculous. Like the black guy in the video (who should also never get another job in entertainment) says, 2017 can’t get any worse.

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