Stone Cold Steve Austin Demolishes Troll Who Dissed Him For Wearing Coronavirus Mask

*Glass shatters*

Stone Cold Steve Austin may have retired from wrestling years ago, but he’s clearly still capable of opening up cans of whoop-ass when necessary.

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Yesterday, Stone Cold shared the following image onto Instagram, revealing that even the toughest SOB on the planet isn’t taking any chances when it comes to COVID-19:

Well one follower was NOT happy about Stone Cold choosing to wear a face mask, and let him know as much in the comments:

Stone Cold’s response was simple, but cut deep:

Boom! The social media equivalent of a Stone Cold Stunner. I mean if Stone Cold Steve Austin – one of the biggest alpha males on the planet – can put on a mask, then so can anyone, surely…

One thing I will say though is that it’s really baffling that Stone Cold is riding around in a Ford Focus and not some giant truck or jeep or something. Not that I’d ever mention it to him – don’t want to end up like our friend @mmahan51 here. RIP.

Hit it:

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