Town In Japan Spends $228K In Covid Relief Funds On A Giant Squid Statue To Boost Tourism

Money well spent?

A coastal town in Japan has splashed a reported 25 million yen — about $228,000 or £165,000— on a 42-foot-long, 30-foot-wide and 13-foot-high statue of a pink squid, using money designated for coronavirus pandemic relief.

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Officials in Noto claim that their investment will help drum up tourism in the cash-strapped fishing town, because everyone knows the one question on everyone’s mind when they’re booking a holiday anywhere in the world is – does this place have a giant squid statue? It’s a no-brainer as far as the town of Noto is concerned.

Here’s a closer look at the monster cephalopod:

Wow, now that’s what you call a work of art. Did Michaelangelo put that thing together? Will they even be able to handle the influx of visitors flying in from all around the world to check this thing out up close?

I jest, of course. I know the Japanese love tentacle porn for some reason but I think they’ve overestimated international demand for this sort of thing. Personally I can think of better ways to spend $228,000 worth of COVID relief funds but maybe that’s just me. Gonna assume this particular town wasn’t that affected by COVID otherwise this is a pretty scandalous use of funds. Good luck to them either way.

For footage of an alien squid captured 3,700 feet below the Indian Ocean recently, click HERE. Hail the mighty Cthulhu long May he reign.


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