R.I.P. Mr Trololol

Eduard Khil sadly passes away, aged 77…to go troll the Gods.

On 4 June 2012, the upsetting death of Mr. Trololol hit the world. He suffered a stroke in late May 2012 which led to him falling into a coma he couldn’t recover from, no matter how hard he trolled. Of course, he wasn’t always known as Mr. Trololol. He was a famous baritone singer from Russia before he became one of the most infamous memes known to the World Wide Web.

People might think that this parody disregards Khil’s talent as a singer but when he was shown the video himself, he embraced, saying: “I’m loving it! People doing parodies, having fun. It unites them. The internet can help share happiness.” And essentially, that’s what the ‘Trololol’ song was all about; pissing about, having fun and not taking everything so seriously.

So as Eduard Khil floats his way towards the sky in order to troll the almighty Gods, let us remember him and his happy-go-lucky manner. Troll in peace.

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