MP Is Calling For A Law To Ban Farting On Planes

Sounds good.

It’s one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when travelling on holiday – people who fart on planes.

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You’re already in a cramped space, you’ve got to deal with judgemental looks for the ten G&T’s you’ve ordered with breakfast, and then all of a sudden the dude sat next to you starts crap calling all over the place. Nightmare.

Well, one MP over in Kenya is hoping to combat this issue by banning farting on airplanes all together.

Okay, yeah, it’s not really biologically possible to stop people from passing gas for extended periods of time, plus I don’t even know how you’d monitor it. But let’s hear her out.

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Dr Lilian Achieng Gogo made the comments while MPs were debating over how to deal with certain issues and acts made on board flights, when she said:

There is one irritant that is often ignored and this is the level of farting within the aircraft.

If this is not managed well it can cause discomfort and insecurity on board.

Hear, hear! And it didn’t end there, as Lilian went on to offer a solution as to how we can make this happen:

We should have systems of the food offered on board and we should have basic medical systems that are able to reduce the level of gas that one can exude within the flight.

I mean, the woman raises a very strong argument and her ideas on how to overcome the issue are pretty valid. Although how we’re going to come up with some sort of fart-sucking “medical system” is yet to be seen.

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And the MP also discussed the level of drinking on flights, adding:

The drinking that happens in flights is terrible. It’s worse than what happens here on the ground.

We should have a system where we are able to manage and control. Also, people’s medical history should be obtained before they are served certain alcoholic drinks for their own security.

Again, very strong argument. Most of us know firsthand how out of control drinking on flights can get. Even the flight attendants are at it.


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