Flight Attendant Was So Drunk, Passengers Had To Look After HER (VIDEO)

drunk flight attendant

Makes a change.

There’s always one on a flight, isn’t there? You know, the passenger who ends up taking advantage of the free-flowing booze (at 7am), gets completely wasted and gets violent and/or passes out.

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Normally, the poor flight attendants have to pick up the pieces, but in this story the tables had turned.

Cabin crew member Julianne March, 49, was filmed looking completely out of it during a recent United Airlines regional flight.

According to passengers, the woman seemed intoxicated even as they were boarding the flight – and her condition only worsened as the time went on. To the point where one person had to step in to ensure her belt was fastened.

Business Insider reports that when the woman was eventually given a breathalyser test, it showed that her blood-alcohol content was .204 – five times the legal limit for flight attendants.

Concerning scenes indeed. You’ve got to wonder if the woman is suffering from some sort of alcohol problem, or if this was a particularly bad one-off.

Either way, it’s not looking good for her, as she’s not only been fired from her job, but was also charged with public intoxication.

According to a statement made by the regional outfit that’s affiliated with United Airlines and United Express:

The flight attendant involved in this incident is no longer employed by Air Wisconsin.

We will continue to cooperate with local authorities and assist them as necessary.

Here’s hoping she sorts herself out and gets on the wagon.

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