‘Mountain Of Hell’ Race Results In Hundreds Of Bikers Crashing While Racing Down A Glacier

Pure carnage.

I don’t know whose idea it was to organise a race between hundreds of bikers down a massive glacier, but it went about as well as you’d expect as the ‘Mountain Of Hell’ race kicked off in the French Alps this week.

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You would think every biker knows that rubber bike tyres + vertical ice = recipe for disaster. But I guess that was the plan considering the name of the event. As soon as the first crash happens, it’s pure carnage from there:

Here’s some POV footage as well from one of the bikers:

What the hell did they think was going to happen? It’s tough enough riding a bike down a glacier when you’re on your own, let alone with 700 other people around you all trying to do the same thing. This lot basically all signed up to get in a giant multi-bike crash.

There was one winner though, believe it or not; Kilian Bron who reportedly clocked speeds of 77mph (125km/h) going down the glacier came in first place. Congrats to him.

For the awesome video in which a cyclist randomly finds himself riding through an illegal rave in the woods, click HERE.


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